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I'm off to visit MM Rescue again this September.

I've been visiting Mihaela and the rescue for several years now, I try to go at least twice per year to give some moral and physical support too. I visited earlier in the year and we managed to fix and upgrade the much needed windows in the hallway and also add a window to the dark and dingy back room. We also replaced the old broken down boiler and created the memorial wall in a small section of the garden to remember all of the animals that have crossed the rainbow bridge.

We also had numerous emergency vet visits and found a whopping 18 new puppies across 3 different litters, 2 litters abandoned in remote areas and the other rescued from the hands of the dog catchers. We also managed to save the lives of 2 adult dogs from the dog catchers but unfortunately we lost an entire litter of 6 to a parvo outbreak shortly after I left. We had plans to finish the tiles in the hallway also but were let down by our labourer, our goal this visit is to finish off the tiles and see what else we can accomplish.


The projects we set up and complete are only possible through the generous donations of our supporters and all have the same goal, to help build the best rescue we can. By doing this we can make the rescue a true sanctuary for all the animals we save from the street whilst they await adoption and their forever home.

There are numerous projects and ideas we have to maximise the space and land we have here at the rescue, these are all listed on our projects page where you can see some of our past accomplishments and completed projects too.

Get involved

If you would like to help you can donate direct to the rescue, check out our 'support us' page for the relevant links and keep an eye on our facebook pages for specific fundraisers for projects whilst I'm there.

Stay tuned for updates from the coming trip!


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