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How can people abandon a box of newborn kittens?


The rescue has just taken in a box of kittens abandoned in a box on the side of the street. Without us they have no chance. We now need to feed them every few hours and take over the role of 'mum'. This will take a lot of time away from Mihaela and make her daily tasks even harder. We will look for any other mother cats who are producing milk who have recently given birth but even then the chances of them being accepted by the mum are not guaranteed. Until then Mihaela will have to take on this role and care for them.

"What more can i say? I feel sick of people who pass near them and do nothing to help them. How to survive on the street? They are too vulnerable and without their mom or someone to feed them, they cant resist. I already struggle soo much and i feel is very hard time but also i could not turn my back to not help them. I have many souls in my care and the food finish too fast . They need constant help and without your kindness i cant offer all they need. I want to ask you with all my heart to help me with all this babies. Any help, no matter how small, means so much and is very much appreciated"

- Mihaela Maria



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