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Saving these souls from the street is only the start in their journey. Mihaela has been carrying the litter around with her everywhere she goes as they need fed and cared for every few hours as they're so small! Some of the kittens started to show signs of sickness and made horrific diarrhoea to the point of dehydrating them. The vet advised stopping the milk and using a specialised supplement and food for them until they're back to health. The only problem is that its very expensive with so many tiny mouths, but you can't put a price on their life.



With the kind help and generous donations received we have been able to buy the supplements and food needed to help these kittens get back to full health! They're now feeling well enough to play and explore their new environment.

But now will be a continued effort to keep them strong as they grow up, this will mean having to continue to buy a high quality kitten food to ensure their immune system grows to be strong and can protect them from any illness or disease that may come their way. This of course will be expensive and relies solely on the generous support of donations. There is also another litter of kittens that has appeared outside of Mihaela's building, much older but just as hungry! They wait for her to return home from the rescue each night and she can't not feed them. They deserve the same chance as any other animal .

We thank you for your continued support, without you none of this is possible!

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