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MM Rescue 2021
MM Rescue


At MM Animal Rescue, our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome stray animals from Romania to the UK. We are not a 'shelter' which basically means all of our funding comes from generous donations with no support from the government. We take pride in prioritizing the welfare of our animals and never cage them which prevents us from becoming a funded or public shelter. Although this makes fundraising more difficult, it is something we will never compromise on.


We believe the animals in our care have the right to roam freely within the rescue until they find their forever family, and are only closed and separated through the night for their own safety. This is the major difference between us and most rescues and shelters and it really shines through in our animals. In our rescue they have the opportunity to interact, play and grow together whilst awaiting their perfect home. Many of the animals we save from the streets have been carelessly abandoned or discarded and as a result some are traumatised by their past.


We work tirelessly with our animals to rebuild their trust in people and show them true love and compassion in a safe and happy environment. Adopting an animal from us or donating helps us to continue our mission which is driven by compassion and desire to change the lives of the all the animals we can.